Academic Outreach

We are seeking research partners who are interested in collaborating with us, to explore the practical applications of our technology in various fields.

Our cutting-edge research into advanced algorithms and expertise in machine learning has led to significant performance breakthroughs in automated causal discovery – a first for the data science industry.

Inguo’s novel approach to causal analysis does not require any deep domain knowledge to produce the most accurate causal graphs. Causal analysis can be performed using the same data as would be used for correlation or regression analysis, without any changed or additional meta information. The Inguo system allows users to select any variable as the target and, with a single click, determine the key drivers that cause that target.

An intuitive graph with directed causal links between the various variables is automatically generated; as a finished product it can be used in research presentations and for communication with colleagues.

Inguo seeks to disrupt the fields of...


Market Research




...and many more!

Representative data sets with 10-200 variables and from 100-20,000 records are sufficient to undertake pilot study analyses and understand causation.

We are also interested in discussing opportunities for extending and enhancing our system offerings with researchers in mathematics and data sciences who are keen to discover new directions in causality analytics and related fields.

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