Inguo Causal Analysis

Inguo’s engine provides fast, inexpensive and visually enlightening causal models to drive deeper insight.

You do not need to be a category expert to use Inguo. Produce causal graphs using the same data as you would for correlation analysis. Our platform lets you select any node as the target (dependent) variable. Within seconds, our platform will pinpoint the key attributes that drive key outcome. Additionally, you do not need “big data” sample sizes to see results. Data sets with 10 to 200 variables and from 100 to 20,000 records are enough to spot the root cause.

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Causal Discovery & Analysis

The next revolution of data science is causal analysis, a quantum leap over correlation or regression.

For ages, the scientific community has tried to answer a simple question, ‘WHY?’ in their datasets. These could be in the areas of consumer behavior, the impact of social policies, or the effectiveness of various medicines and treatments.

Market Research

Inguo’s innovative Automated Causal Discovery platform provides unparalleled insights in minutes.

Leverage our platform to answer the various WHY questions you have in your dataset, like what drives NPS, brand equity, product trial or ad effectiveness.

Academic Outreach

We are seeking research partners who are interested in collaborating with us, to explore the practical applications of our technology in various fields.

Inguo’s cutting-edge research into advanced algorithms and expertise in machine learning has led to significant performance breakthroughs in the field of causal discovery.

Discover how Inguo can efficiently find your truths and grow your business.