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How Inguo Delivers Causal Data for CPG Innovation


How Inguo's Causal Analytics Informed Meaningful Training to Improve Healthcare CX 

Inguo helps leading Life Sciences firm focus on Drivers of Satisfaction ahead of Fall training

One of the largest Life Sciences firms in North America struggled with their CX program, asserting it did not identify what was truly important to their customers. This company had already planned a major training initiative in the Fall at all their 400+ locations, but they did not know what their front-line staff should focus on. With Inguo, they were able to easily leverage sophisticated analytics to understand what drives customer satisfaction. These eye-opening results will be used by the Operations and Training teams at facilities across the country.


“Stain Cleaning” a real eye opener for detergent client

Understanding the WHYs embedded in your dataset is important in Product Development. Researchers should be looking to optimize ROI when making recommendations to their engineers and designers. The following causal graph was produced for a laundry detergent client. Discovering “Stain Cleaning” to be the root cause of purchase intent was a real eye-opener – something a simple correlation analysis would have failed to highlight. Following this analysis, the product development team de-prioritized cute little add-ons like fragrances, and focused on what really drove sales – stain cleaning. The marketing team also made sure to emphasize that their detergent was great at removing a variety of stains, like grass, wine, blood, etc.


What drives the likelihood to recommend?

Inguo worked with a top market research company to better understand the branding data is had captured for a client. The survey was conducted among 2,069 car owners with 638 total questions (including demographics, brand funnel and imagery metrics for the client and several competitors). Our clients discovered several Inguo strengths:

  • In minutes, Inguo uncovered key attributes driving likelihood to recommend
  • Inguo ranked key drivers using causality outputs and provided recommendations the client could act on
  • Inguo simulated the effects on the target outcome by changing different metrics without the need for A-B testing
  • Inguo’s user-friendly platform was used by client researchers who had no prior experience in advanced analytics

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