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Correlation is not Causation.

Inguo makes causal modeling easy for every kind of researcher. Leverage our powerful, fast and cost-effective platform for data mastery and discover the WHYs in your dataset better than traditional analytics.

“In my more than 20 years experience in consumer insights, and having worked with top-20 market research vendors throughout my career, Inguo’s approach and capabilities are incomparable … In a competitive market where cheaper, faster and better are the norms, Inguo delivers on all three.”

Marissa Sison, Lead Experience Manager – Consumer Insights

Inguo, the world's first and only automated Causal Discovery platform.

Great researchers try to connect the dots … learn how their data is interrelated and determine what drives key outcomes (like product trial, brand opinion, NPS, etc.) so they can spur more ROI-driven decision-making across the organization. At our core, we help you understand the WHYs buried within your datasets. 

Inguo's engine provides fast, inexpensive and visually enlightening causal models to drive deeper insight.

Model-free Causal Discovery

Removes human bias and inspires new innovation.

Use All Of Your Data

Up to 500 variables with a mix of categorical and continuous data.

Save Time

Let our data-driven algorithms efficiently find your truths.

Simulate Your Results

To focus on key areas of leverage to enhance results.

Secure Cloud Service

Allows for safe access to your data from anywhere for your team and client.

Build Up Your Knowledge

Add or remove causal arrows with drag-and-drop editor.

How you can use Inguo in your industry

Market Research

Our tool is enlightening clients across CX, branding, communications and product development.


Understand what leads your customers to buy without having to create models ahead of time.


The omni-channel retail industry demands that you know what impacts consumer decisions.

Human Resources

Drive employee satisfaction and productivity by focusing on key delighters you may have never considered.


Assess a combination of symptoms and treatments to derive optimal diagnosis and remedies for patients.


Know where to allocate resources to maximize your returns.

Discover how Inguo can efficiently find your truths and grow your business.